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SynaptiQ Release Note - March 2018
Posted by Ioannis Nanos on 15 March 2018 04:57 PM





SynaptiQ Release Note -  March 2018

Dear SynaptiQ customer,

SynaptiQ Simulation Framework has still improved in the past months.
Here you will find a quick description of the last upgrades. Don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information and don't forget to register to the next Webinar on SynaptiQ New Features taking place on March 29th.

See you there, 

The SynaptiQ team
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Improved Simulation model

By a more accurate environmental conditions estimation and a state of the art equipment settings and degradation modelling we achieve today the most realistic expected yield model in the market. This includes: 

- A better thermal model for module temperature estimation
- Single axis tracker analysis
- Degradation model

 See more details



Also new this month:


Meter deviation alarm

See detail




Improved Simulation Model

The indicator Energy Simulation represents what the plant should produce under specified environmental conditions experienced by the installation. In this way we de-couple the performance of the PV installation from the resource conditions providing a better estimation of the performance of the PV power plant with a certain degree of confidence.
Energy symulated uses satellite environmental data that are used to estimate actual irradiation and module temperature in the most accurate way. The estimation of modules temperature have been improved today to take into account: 

  • Wind speed for modules cooling
  • Installation set up of the modules with correct distance from the support, used to estimate the ventilation of modules back sheet
  • Module specifications temperature for the calculation of MPP conditions

Additionally, the following hardware settings are used: 

  • Degradation factor: SynaptiQ Configurator gives the possibility to indicate a degradation factor. This is counted into the computation of expected yield (Energy Simuation) as an annual degradation of expected performances.
  • Single axis tracker are now supported in the SynaptiQ simulation framework.




Meter deviation alarm

A new alarm has been added to SynaptiQ, it allows you to get notified if production recorded by the meter is significantly different from the sum of inverter feeding into the plant meter. 
Thresholds values have to be set by the administrator.
The alarm is by default ON. Ask your administrator or SynaptiQ support to adapt default settings to your preferences. 




We hope you enjoyed the last news of SynaptiQ. We will be happy to give more insight during next webinar on March 29th.  

Have a nice day,

The SynaptiQ Team


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